Olukemi Lawani | Klo1

I promise this day to love You one more day. Every day I breathe I will re-affirm, and remind You of this.
You have walked me through mourning to Your comfort, and the loss of all things to find You.
The dry valley has become a River, and a well of life where were my tears
I promise this day to serve You. To publickly affirm your private rebirth of me. And I remind You.

You promise to love me for one eternity, where I also may perfect my love for You. You remind me
You will call me by my secret name known to You alone and everything in me will respond, to You
Would I be hidden like a seed for a time in the earth, to burst out on the shores of eternity?
Or would I be translated in a blink from time to be- come, on the dawn of my eternity? I may not know
But You remind me….

I won’t forget.

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