Klorofyl. [klawr-uh-fil] Noun.
1. After Chlorophyll , the green pigment plants use to convert light to energy.
2. A magazine founded in 2009 out of a deep desire to create a magazine we would love to read. So we put in our favorite things- poetry, brilliant photography, fiction and prose, youth, urbanity, Africa, the search for truth and a better life, and our devotion to REPLANTing with wholesome values.

Klorofyl Magazine has had four issues since then, is distributed free as a pdf ebook, in an online graphic slider, and on the blog.

Klorofyl was started in Ibadan, Nigeria, amongst friends with a love for art, and that core remains the same, although it has become a virtual team with contributors and editors from places as diverse as Botswana, Britain, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, The Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Taiwan, Uganda, USA, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.