Next Issue: Nomads
Klorofyl, a digital art and lifestyle magazine, seeks submissions towards its 5th issue, themed ‘Nomads’.

We invite explorations and interpretations of the theme in essays, poetry, short fiction, features, photography, and digital art.

Explore with us movement(s) of people: perspectives, travel, sojourners, pioneers, dimensions of movement, mobility, perspectives, refugees, explorers, the morphing of people and ethnic groups, diasporas, wanderlust, freedom, economic migration, transience, the pursuit of happiness and a better life… Seeking a light in the world, or some comfort, or some reason, or a meaning… Moving, or moved, refugee or explorer, we are migrant. Chasing opportunity, fleeing hardship, or surrendering to adventure… we are nomads. We travel- down rabbit holes, up space shuttles, or commuting on the bus- for money, for glory, for a home, for simply going from A to B, or just because. So who’s really actually from anywhere? Why do we go? From or to what do we run? Where do we go? Where could, or should, we go?

Unpacking Nomads:
Submissions may revolve around one or more of these sub-themes:
1. Airports, seaports, train stations, bus termini
2. Prospectors, The gold rush; Migration for economic opportunity
3. Wanderers; not all who wander are lost
4. Blurred ethnic lines; due to our migrant ancestors and current mobility
5. Lost traditions, cultures
6. Blurred borders, border crossings
7. Adventurers, Tourists; watchers, travellers for fun
8. Sojourners; transience, death, time travel, legacy, and the urge to transcend the constraints of our own time
9. Cabin fever, Wanderlust, restless people
10. Memory, amnesia, ageing; “we are not only nomads in space, we are nomads in time, and we have come so far that we do not know how much we have forgotten. We have forgotten a whole lifetime of memories. For convenience, sanity, for other reasons…we forget”- Jide Adeyefa
11. Forced nomads : captives , refugees; asylum-seekers
12. The search for intelligent life in space
13. The caravan; translocation, transporters
14. The photography of travel
15. Diasporas, Exile
16. Commuting on the metro, bus or taxi
17. The pursuit of happiness
18. Travelling words, and art forms; Found, displaced, or transported things; objects that tell stories of human movement
19. Loneliness and the search for connection
20. The human trajectory. In what general direction, in your opinion, is the human race moving?

Submissions must be original and previously unpublished. They should preferably be influenced by the given theme, but this is not strictly required. Text-based submissions should not exceed 800 words. Graphic submissions should be between 1024 x 768 and 4000 x 3200, and between 72 – 120 dpi. Submissions should be sent as an attachment to sub[at]klorofyl[dot]com. Kindly send a bio and contributor photo, as well. Submissions will be acknowledged, and further correspondence will depend on whether or not your submission is being considered for publication. Accepted submissions will appear in Issue 5 of Klorofyl, and on other digital and online platforms of Klorofyl.

DEADLINE: September 15, 2014, 23.59 GMT

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