Osemhen Elohor Akhibi | Klo3

 You met a Girl. You met. The Girl. With short black hair and deep brown eyes. You heard Her laugh, you watched Her dance. You fell in love, She fell right back. You married Her in Her parents’ house. Did it again, in Her parents’ church. You bought a house, She bought the couch. She burnt the rice, you burst the pipe.

You changed your job, She started college. She told you over breakfast in June. You would be a Dad. In March. You told your parents, She told her friends. You picked out names, She picked out colours.

You held your child, he held your finger. You cried a little, She laughed at you. She named him Carl, you called him Tolu. You learnt to feed him, She learnt to let you. She learnt to fight you, you learnt to let Her.

She finished school, you got promoted. She told you as you bathed your son. You Would Be A Dad. Again. You bought Her flowers, She laughed at you. You bought Her chocolates, She shared them with you. You had a daughter, she looked like her Mother. You named her Oyin, She called her Pearl.

She found the lump in the shower that March.  Just under Her arm, a tiny bump. She showed it to you, she shrugged it off. You persisted, you took Her to the hospital yourself. And it was It. It was IT. It was The Sum Of All Your Fears. Your kids were 4 & 3. And you knew your world would end. Yes it would, if She died. You told Her, and you made Her promise. Not to die, not just yet.

She lost weight. She joked, I can wear jeggings! You bought Her three, She wore them all the time. Her hair fell out, she had to wear wigs. You went to the beach, after her last day of chemo. Her eyes were rubies behind her shades. There was a strong wind.Took off Her wig. Tolu & Oyin cried in horror. And She laughed, God, She wouldn’t stop. At the gawkers, at your children. You’re both so silly, it’s still me.

That night, she sobbed into your shirt. I’m sick, I’m ugly, I scare my children. I can’t live like this! I won’t live like this.

In May, she had the mastectomy. Do you still love me? I have only one breast.

I love you more. Look at it this way, now you can throw decently.

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