It has been a long while since Klorofyl came your way. Yes, we do cook Klorofyl slow, agonising over even the tiniest detail, pixel, and turn of phrase, so each issue is one we are proud of, and each issue is true to our method, and theme. We have, however, been quiet for longer than is customary. We sincerely apologise for this. While editing and designing Klorofyl 5, and preparing for launch, we lost our ENTIRE site to a malware attack, and have only just built it again from scratch. Hint: it’s better than the old (*cue drum flourish*). We hope you like it too. Look around and let us know, will ya? This unfortunately means we lost most of our subscriber list as well. We’d appreciate it if you could resubscribe, when the new issue is launched.

In the next few weeks, we will celebrate the launch of our new website and unveil our much-awaited 5th anniversary issue, (also, incidentally, our 5th issue), themed ‘Nomads’. We simply cannot wait. If we say so ourselves, it’s simply our best so far, and kind of reassures us that all that time we were away and cooking, was time well spent. To introduce our new site and the Nomads Issue, we’ll host the Nomads Web Series, a promenade of stories, poems and meditations on the subject of travel, transience and translocation. Do look out, as well, for the #Klo5 launch campaign and our Instagram account, which we hope will become another haven for the kind of visual art you have come to expect from Klorofyl.

So here we are, back, better, and raring to go. We thank our contributors, and fans, and those who donated to support our work. We also thank you, dear reader, the real reason Klorofyl exists. We promise to keep striving to make Klorofyl more inspiring, memorable and versatile. To this end, we’d like to recruit you into our improvement project. What should we do differently? What should we do more of? What themes would you like to see explored? Do tell us your thoughts in this survey here, or (<– but seriously, do take the survey :)) send us an email at feedback[at]klorofyl[dot]com. And hey, a shout-out here and there, tweets, retweets, likes, favorites, and good old word-of-mouth, about Klorofyl and our work, would all be much appreciated.

Muchas gracias. Vamonos!

Tolu Oloruntoba,
Ibadan, Nigeria

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